Pre-school education coverage in Belarus among the best in Europe

Pre-school education coverage in Belarus among the best in Europe

15 kindergartens will be built in Belarus in 2017. Almost the same number of pre-school institutions will open in 2018.

However, to fully meet the demand for them, one needs to find places for about 5,000 young Belarusians.

This kindergarten was opened in April. Safe children's playgrounds with a special coating, road signs, to learn traffic rules on the spot, a computer lab, a complete set of information and communication technologies, a modern canteen, which allows cooking quickly and without loss of useful qualities.

Groups are already staffed. The kindergarten opened near the a new residential area.

Ilona Krysenko, head of Nursery No147, Minsk:
We strive to provide full access to preschool education analysis, so we will have an adaptation group for children who do not attend preschool establishments. We offer our students a wide range of additional educational services of different directions: choreography, theatrical art, preparation for school, logic, memory, and thinking.

The lack of places in kindergartens is probably the main problem of pre-school education. To solve it, Belarus commissions more than a dozen new facilities every year. In 2016, there were 12 new kindergartens, this year there are 16 of them and plans for 2018 are to open further 17.

Private kindergartens also offer services. Here is one of them, in Minsk. Groups are small - no more than 15 kids. Three teachers in each.

Irina Serebryanska, deputy director of a private kindergarten:
We are working according to a national program, meet all the standards and requirements that apply to us; we try to ensure the maximum development of the child, their personality, because small children are the same people who need love, understanding, and attention. We do not force them. If they don't want one thing, we offer them something different, but in any case a child must do something that would be useful.

In general, this is a great alternative for those who do not get into a public kindergarten nearby.

Another area that the Belarusian system of preschool education offers is a kindergarten on the ground floor of an apartment house. With a small garden, of course!

Elena Minchukova, teacher:
This is our educational process. We work in this small garden together with children. This is weeding and other agricultural basics. Thus we train them and get them familiar with the surrounding world.

Albina Davidovich, head of preschool education department of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus boasts a very substantial coverage of children with pre-school education. At the moment, this is 95.3%. By the beginning of the school year, we hope that it will have reached 95.9%. This is a very high figure. It is the best among all the CIS countries, at least. If we take Europe, in 2016, only France and Belgium were ahead of Belarus in this regard.

According to the law, it's not obligatory for a child to attend a kindergarten. It is not necessary to resort to the usual public pre-school institutions.