Polotsk preparing for 1155th anniversary, Day of Belarusian Written Language

Polotsk preparing for 1155th anniversary, Day of Belarusian Written Language

Belarusian Written Language Day, anniversary of book printing and 1155th anniversary of Polotsk. This Belarusian town, once the center of Belarusian culture and state building, is ready to celebrate these three dates at once.

The celebrations will take place on the first three days of September. CTV Channel will present here its projects "Live Classics" and "Golden Collection of Belarusian songs."

The light show using the most modern technologies and at the same time a return to the origins of the ancient city. Polotsk's Immortality Kurgan will become the center of the magic and the unknown on September 1-3, the organizers promise.

A festive procession will take viewers to the Middle Ages. The column will include exactly 1,155 people, according to the number of years passed since the founding of Polotsk.

The procession will include guilds of traders, book printers, students, bakers and milkmen. Costumes for the show have already been sewn.

Lyudmila Matyushchenko, teacher:
Basically, we use only linen in this collection. Flax of different texture and structure.

Meanwhile, school students are preparing to show their works to the guests Polotsk. These are models of the monuments of the ancient architecture of the town at a scale of 1:30.

Yana, student of Polotsk school number 1 named after F. Skaryna:
First we watched archives with our teacher and then designed them on a computer. We are satisfied with what we have now and we are not ashamed to show what we did.

Polotsk Sofia Church is now undergoing renovations. The cathedral is being transformed quickly and work does not stop here for a minute. This will be another holiday site.

The memorial sign "Polotsk: the cradle of Belarusian spirituality" will be installed before the end of this week.

The two-ton composition will be decorated with shields depicting the four princes, Rogneda and, of course, Euphrosyne of Polotsk.

Shopping arcade in Polotsk during the festival will stretch along five streets with a total length of about 10km.