Belarus to hold population census in 2019

Belarus to hold population census in 2019

A section on agriculture will be included in a population census for the first time.

The questionnaires, in addition to basic questions about the place of residence, income and life conditions, will include questions about the presence of summer cottages and farms.

All questions will be as simple as possible. The data obtained will allow BelStat to reliably estimate harvest of agricultural products. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations will help in this matter.

Inna Medvedeva, chairwoman of the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
We started working with the FAO on the questionnaire. There are a number of questions on agriculture that are necessary when conducting a census. In addition, they are willing to help us in information support.

I would like to tell people again not to be afraid of tax or other inspection bodies who would allegedly come after the census. This is only for statistical purposes and for quality assessment.

Population census will be held in Belarus in the autumn of 2019. To fill in the questionnaires tablets will be used for the first time. With their help, data processing time could be reduced to 1.5 years. New technologies will be tested before the start of the large-scale campaign during a pilot census in Molodechno district in October 2017.