Vitebsk region plans to harvest 1 million tons of grain

Vitebsk region plans to harvest 1 million tons of grain

More than 6.5 million tons of grain have been harvested in Belarus.

The harvesting campaign is coming to an end - the southern regions are on the finishing line. Most work is left in the Vitebsk region. Nevertheless, the agrarians of this region are doing quite well. The have harvested over 600 thousand tons of grain, where the grain yield is 32 hundred kilograms per hectare. The agricultural plant “Belaya Lipa” in the Senno district can be referred to as statistically average in the region. One third of the fields are still to be cleared there.

Dmitry Lyudchik, director of OJSC “Belaya Lipa”:
All the winter crops have been harvested. Now we have started to clear the spring crops. Spring wheat and spring barley are still being harvested. Combine harvesters are working on grain legumes fields.

About 56% of the fields have been cleared.

Despite being behind the schedule, the Vitebsk region is planning to harvest over one million tons of grain. It is more than the previous year. The average crop yield this year is better as well.


Vladimir Perushenko, deputy head of the Vitebsk regional committee on agriculture and food:

The weather conditions in the Vitebsk region allow us to do all the complex of the harvesting campaign. All the combine harvesters are involved in the process. The Orsha and the Dubrovna districts are in the lead.

All in all, nine regions are clearing the fields with a grain yield of more than 30 hundred kilograms per hectare.

The harvesting campaign in the Vitebsk region will be finished in a week’s time. The bordering regions will then help Russian agrarians with the harvesting campaign.