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Velcom organizes charity project

Do many of you do running? Who wants to help children at the same time? Belarusians from any place of the planet can do it from August 26 till September 4. How?

Vyacheslav Smirnov, head of Velcom corporate communications department:
Many people do running in Belarus. However, more people would like to do it. Some leave it till Monday, others till January, and yet others can’t simply take the risk. Everyone needs a stimulus! Everyone needs motivation! This is one of the aims of the charity project “Challenge of 100 thousand”, the other aim is to help children.

It is necessary to go for a run from August 26 till September 4 and take a smartphone with you with a mobile app, which will fix the distance and then upload it to any social network with a hashtag #velcombegom. We will calculate the kilometers and then transfer money the hospital of medical rehabilitation. If we altogether run 100 thousand kilometers, we will transfer 100 thousand rules to the hospital so that they can buy medical equipment and for improvements.

Dmitry Bogan, ambassador of  “Velcombegom” project in Minsk region:
Any person in Belarus can take part. But if they are abroad, these are Belarusians who went on a holiday or live there. 

Velcom organizes charity project