Interesting facts about Minsk: Train station


Interesting facts about Minsk: Train station

Minsk railway station and bus station Centralny open the doors for guests every day. This is the face of the city. Renovated, equipped with the latest technology and are always welcome.

The railway station and the bus station Centralny are located about 100 meters apart.

They appeared in different times, however, traditional architecture is combined with the most daring engineering solutions.

Rabia, tourist (Libya):
The first time we came to Belarus we noticed that you have such a big railway station. Anyone who comes here to the station finds that people here are very kind.

Rabia was impressed with views of the city from the windows of the Minsk railway station.

A special board at the station shows all sights of major cities to which people travel from Minsk.

During its century history the legendary Minsk station was wooden and stone. It was badly damaged during WWII.

Until now, a footprint of a Nazi soldier in cement in the basement reminds about this.

Already in the Independent Belarus (after 1991) the "city gates" in front of the station were reconstructed. The station takes about 30000 tourists during 24 hours.

Evgeniya Bobrova, tourist (Russia):
There is Wi-fi. Generally, everything is modern and affordable.

The symbolic patterns on these doors reflect Belarus' national pattern. They not only decorate the glass but also warn people who, being in haste, don't notice the transparent door.

According to the design of architects Kramarenko and Vinogradov, metal ceramics, stainless steel and glass were jointly applied in construction in Belarus for the first time. It was in 2000.

Vladimir Grigorovich, First Deputy Chief of station Minsk Passazhirsky:
We mulled over its demolition but did not dare, since this is a monument of architecture. Look how beautiful the new station is!

Snake-shaped copper pipes are 42 kilometers long.

Viktor Kramarenko, architect, two-time winner of the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus:
We decided to work according to the principles that allow the passenger to feel comfortable at this station. So that this station is spacious and easy to navigate through.

The bus station nearby was closed for renovations in 2007.

Old bus station prior to 2007

Now this is a modern railway station complex, which serves up to 3,000 passengers a day. They come from various cities in Europe.

Yulia Starovoitova, department of passenger transportation, Central Bus Station:
We work in computer programs provided by carriers, we study the demand and come up with suggestions regarding routes.

Perhaps Minsk will get another railway station - Southern (Yuzhnyi).