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India through the eyes of Belarusian artists: exhibition IND-BEL-ART opens in Minsk

India through the eyes of Belarusian artists. The exhibition with an unusual name IND-BEL-ART opened at the National Museum of History. It is the result of a 10-day tour of four artists to India.

Vera Yagovdik artist:
People are very open, just incredible. It seems to me that we have become very popular during these days in the Indian facebook, because everybody wanted to take a photo with us.

On February 5, four Belarusian artists went to India for impressions. 5 states, 8 flights and 10 days in total. The legendary Taj Mahal, Ellora caves and temples of Ajanta. Museums, galleries, meetings with Indian artists and of course talks with indigenous population.

A series of 10 miniatures "Drawn history. India" is the result of the work by the artist Vera Yagovdik.

Vera Yagovdik:
I was very inspired by a visit to the National Museum in New Delhi, where a large collection of Indian miniatures was on display. I did a lot of sketches for myself. I noted the colors and themes used. Of course, upon return here in Minsk I immediately sat down to work.

Indian artists brought sketches of future works. The canvases reflect historical monuments, culture, nature and life of the country.

Grigoriy Sitnitsa, chairman of the Belarusian Union of Artists:
You see the Taj Mahal a thousand times in the pictures on the Internet. But if you approach it in real life you see that it is a living being, because you get the impression that it is kind of immaterial. It flaps in the air. It is so clear and the air around is also clear that it seems it just disappears.

The Embassy of India in Belarus organized this creative trip. It was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between our countries and the 70th anniversary of India's independence.

Pankaj Saxena, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of India to the Republic of Belarus:
The purpose of this trip was to involve artists in the rich history and cultural heritage of India. We are very happy with the result. Belarusian artists have become our good friends.

Boris Svetlov, Minister of Culture of Belarus:
As the experience of our dialogue with many countries shows, culture goes first and then come politics and economy.

 выставка «IND-БЕЛ-ART» открылась в Минске

Выставка «IND-БЕЛ-ART» в Минске

Выставка «IND-БЕЛ-ART» в Минске

Выставка «IND-БЕЛ-ART» в Минске

India through the eyes of Belarusian artists: exhibition IND-BEL-ART opens in Minsk