Ukrainian culture day held in Minsk

Ukrainian culture day held in Minsk

The holiday of Ukrainian culture took place in the Upper Town. Ukrainian folk artists came to perform their favorite national songs.

Musicians of the Poltava Regional Philharmonic Society performed for the first time. Spectators sang along songs that are familiar to many from childhood. Cooks treated guests to national dishes and connoisseurs participated in the thematic quiz about the culture of Ukraine.

Andrei Shorets, Minsk Mayor:
Any such activities always unite. Therefore, here we are learning more about Ukraine. Cultural Ukraine, culinary Ukraine and souvenir Ukraine. It is very nice. I think these exchanges of visits will bring both peoples closer.

Olga Pchitskaya, head of the vocal ensemble Smerichka:
I am Ukrainian by birth, but I've lived in Belarus almost 30 years. Today we brought a concert program with our ensemble Smerichka from the city of Lida, Grodno region. We brought two songs.

Holidays of national cultures have already become traditional for Minsk. Every year, the number of participating countries is increasing. While there were 13 in 2016, this year they number increased to 22.