Alexander Lukashenko demonstrates how to harvest flax manually

Alexander Lukashenko demonstrates how to harvest flax manually

During his working visit to the farm “Ustie” of the National Academy in the Orsha district, Alexander Lukashenko said that flax cultivating must enter a new level of cost efficiency.

The technologies of cultivating flax at the farm are under special control.

It is a real example that manufacturers must follow. If the technologies are followed, this crop shows results at the level of European countries. Nevertheless, there are problems in this sector.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Don’t I know that we are forced to cultivate flax today?

If I did not take the situation under control then, we wouldn’t have flax in Belarus today.

What are you telling me? Do you think that I do not remember how flax plant didn’t pay people for years? Therefore I know what this flax cost me. And today you are telling me not to put pressure. Solve the issue together with the scientists over the winter. I will not be talking about flax with you anymore. Such flax must be everywhere. If I come here and there will be no flax like this one- blame yourself.

The modernization of cultivating flax has taken place in Belarus in the last couple of years. However, as it has turned out, manufacturers are in need of specialized machinery today. The President gave indications to bring the machinery to a proper state and solve the issue with the lacking machinery.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Calculate how many combine harvesters are necessary for harvesting 250 hectares per season How much does it cost? How much money is necessary for another 40 combine harvesters?

It means that we need to fin 10 million dollars and buy combine harvesters.

And to finish the talks on flax harvesting. Hold a tender, invite them - the bigger the volume, the cheaper the machinery. Try, what are you waiting for?

Having got acquainted with the ways of harvesting flax, Alexander Lukashenko demonstrated how they used to harvest flax manually.