President Lukashenko about flax cultivating technology compliance

President Lukashenko about flax cultivating technology compliance

Flax must become a lucrative crop. This certainty was expressed by Alexander Lukashenko on August 19, 2017.

The working visit of the President to the regions is continuing.

Alexander Lukashenko visited a plant specializing on cultivating flax and seed harvesting in the Orsha district. The best experience of cultivating this tradition Belarusian crop is used here. We have a future, and what is more, the President is sure that technology compliance will make flax a lucrative crop for Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Don’t I know that we are forced to cultivate flax today? If I did not take the situation under control then, we wouldn’t have flax in Belarus today. What are you telling me? Do you think that I do not remember how flax plant didn’t pay people for years? Therefore I know what this flax cost me. And today you are telling me not to put pressure. Solve the issue together with the scientists over the winter. I will not be talking about flax with you anymore.

Such flax must be everywhere. If I come here and there will be no flax like this one- blame yourself.