President Lukashenko demands not to slow down pace of harvesting campaign 2017

President Lukashenko demands not to slow down pace of harvesting campaign 2017

The President is demanding not to slow down the pace of the harvesting campaign. Such an indication was given by Alexander Lukashenko on August 18, 2017 whilst visiting the farms of the Shklov and Orsha districts. The head of state arrived to a wheat field on a quad bike. These areas were not chosen by chance for visiting.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
This is the field of the President. Someone said it once. It is my field indeed. This is the field where I've been working since childhood. Who would allow to bring your cow to the farm’s field then? I thought that if it is the President’s field? There should be some peculiarity in it. A bright feature of this year is that I asked both you and the Minister of Agriculture and maybe the governor is already engaged in this, to experiment , to cultivate crops. And this year I asked to sow imported varieties of wheat, almost 300 hectares. And the neighboring field, in the Vitebsk region, where the border passes, there are 100 hectares of rye. Nikolai Sherstnev promised me to sow. Hybrid, diploid, German varieties. Why imported ones? Before I started working on my field today, I wanted to hear the answer from you: do we have similar things? If not, then when will we have it? A sincere and clear answer. I was informed in advance that we have no problems with wheat. We have learned how to do that, the selection allows us; we have learned to create our winter wheat seeds. As for the yield and quality, it is not worse than the imported one.

The President gets acquainted with the process of the harvesting campaign, modern agricultural equipment. As many as seven base models of combine harvesters and 38 different modifications have been produced in the two last decades at Gomselmash.

The combine Palesse, which occupies the top step of the model row, was demonstrated to the President straight in the field. Alexander Lukashenko was offered to test the agricultural machine. One of the workers of the agricultural plant was the combiner, the youngest son of Alexander Lukashenko sat by the side. The President sat on the platform near the cabin and saw how the harvester works.

Alexander Lukashenko was told about the situation in the fields on harvesting different crops. According to Mikhail Rusyi, the Vice Premier, as many as 80% of the cereal and grain legumes fields have been harvested with an average yield of 36 hundred kilograms per hectare. More than six million tons of grain have already been harvested. Belarusian agrarians are planning to have a good harvest of other crops. In many cases the figures are better than in the previous years.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We must clear the majority of fields by August 20. From my practice, the majority is when 85-87% of the fields have been harvested. However, it is necessary to continue working. I know it from my experience. What is 10%? These “tails”, some sort of fields and etcetera. This is where we begin to lose bread. Therefore, storm the 100%, before we harvest all the bread. If the weather stays as it is, even 90% is good. This is the first peculiarity. We cannot stop. Secondly, I am worried about the Minsk region. I need paces, paces and paces now. There can’t be any justification. The weather cannot stay as it is now forever. If we have wind coming from the west, we will have rains. Therefore, we need to harvest 90-92% by Monday. To do it step by step. The second peculiarity is that the northern region has harvested only half of the fields.

Meanwhile, Belarusian agrarians have only a couple of days to finish clearing all the fields. The President had once again reminded about the necessity to finish the harvesting campaign by August 20. There is only one fifth of the fields left to clear.