Belarus President inspects harvesting campaign on quad bike

Belarus President inspects harvesting campaign on quad bike

The Belarus President demands not to slow down the pace of the harvesting campaign. Alexander Lukashenko gave this instruction on August 18 as he visited farms in the Shklov and Orsha districts. The head of state arrived on a wheat field on a quad bike.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
This is the field of the President. Someone said it once. This is really my field. This is the field where I've been working since I was a child. A striking feature of this year is that I asked both you and the Minister of Agriculture and maybe the governor is already engaged in this, to experiment while cultivating crops. And this year I asked to sow imported varieties of wheat, almost 300 hectares. And the neighboring field, in the Vitebsk region, where the border passes, there are 100 hectares of rye. Nikolai Sherstnev promised me to sow. Hybrid, diploid German varieties. Why imported ones? I wanted today, before I start working on my field, to hear the answer from you: do we have similar things? If not, then when will we have it? A sincere and clear answer. I was informed in advance that we have no problems with wheat. We have learned how to do that, the selection allows us, we have learned to create our winter wheat seeds. In terms of yield and quality it is not worse than the imported one.

 Александр Лукашенко инспектирует уборочную в Шкловском и Оршанском районах

On August 18, the President got acquainted with the progress of the harvesting campaign in Belarus and with modern samples of agricultural machinery. Over 20 years, the Gomselmash enterprise has created and mastered the production of seven basic models of grain harvesters and 38 different modifications.

Right in the field, the President was shown a combine harvester which is the top model in the Polesie model lineup. Alexander Lukashenko proposed to test the farm machinery. One of the workers of the agricultural enterprise was asked to drive. Next to him was the younger son of the President, Nikolai. The head of state stood on the platform near the cabin and watched how to equipment is functioning on the go.