Oleksandriya deny BATE victory in first leg of Europa League playoff


Oleksandriya deny BATE victory in first leg of Europa League playoff

BATE Borisov could not beat Ukrainian Oleksandriya (1:1) in the first leg of the 2017/18 Europa League playoff.

BATE captain Vitaly Rodionov joined the team after serving a four-match disqualification for the sins of the past European season. The experienced striker immediately began to act very actively and together with younger partners began to threaten the goal of the rivals. The initial attacking efforts of BATE were a success: in the 8th minute, a quick attack by Borisov ended with an accurate strike of Mirko Ivanić, assisted by Mikhail Gordeychuk.

Fascinated by attacks, the hosts lost their vigilance and let Olexandriya reply on the 19th minute. In one of the rare counter-attacks, the guests quickly moved along the left flank, from where the pass to the penalty area followed, Yevgeny Banada beating BATE goalie Denis Shcherbytsky for 1:1.

After this success, Ukrainian football players felt better and could score after a couple of other decent chances. BATE seemed to have lost the spirit they showed at the beginning of the match.

After the break neither of the teams scored, though Ivanic had a great chance from distance at the end. However, the ball hit the bar and no BATE was nearby to finish. The teams are meeting in the second leg the Europa League playoff in Oleksandriya on August 24.

Photo: fcbate.by