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Vladimir Mulyavin monument unveiled in Minsk

The head of the Sverdlovsk region in Minsk fulfilled an honorable mission on August 17 taking part in the opening ceremony of the monument to his fellow countryman, who became famous in Belarus and glorified it all over the world.

A monument to the People's Artist of the USSR, the founder of the ensemble Pesnyary Vladimir Mulyavin is located on Muliavina Boulevard behind the building of the Belarusian State Philharmonic, in which the singer's creative path and his road to fame began.

Открытие памятника Мулявину в Минске

Oleg Molchan, composer:
Today is really a great holiday: for us Pesniary band - and in general for Belarus. Finally, the monument was installed in a very memorable place - on Mulyavin Boulevard, in the place where he worked.

Leonid Bortkevich, Honored Artist of the BSSR:
It's very pleasant that today we're opening a monument to him, so that you youth remember that there was such a genius - Mulyavin.

Three years ago, a monument to the musician was opened in his native land in Yekaterinburg. The sculpture in Minsk is a kind of response gift of the Russian side. It financed the creation and delivery of the monument. Alexander Kostryukov was the sculptor. He knew Mulyavin personally.

Открытие памятника Мулявину в Минске

Alexander Kostryukov, sculptor:
The garden square was the place where he rested - smoke breaks, discussion of projects and stuff, and so on... I had a task to make this quiet peaceful sculpture to reflect how he rested in this garden square.

Vladimir Mulyavin became famous in 1968. Then the ensemble Lyavony was created - the ancestor of the legendary Pesnyary. After two years, the team under the name Pesniary won hearts of many people.

Vladimir Mulyavin became a real legend and his music is rightly considered the pride of Belarusian culture.

Памятник Мулявину в Минске

Vladimir Mulyavin monument unveiled in Minsk