Grodno hosting Russian language summer school for foreigners

Grodno hosting Russian language summer school for foreigners

Students, journalists and foreign engineers of different interests and different professions gathered in Grodno for a summer school of the Russian language. Representatives of 12 countries chose Belarus as an educational platform.

The school brings together more than 50 foreigners from 12 countries. The summer school of the Russian language is taking place in Grodno.

This video has already been viewed by hundreds of people from different countries. American Jack Fordon came to Belarus to learn Russian. He made a positive video about Grodno for his YouTube channel.

The young man is now studying in Germany. He studies English, German, and Czech. Summer school for Jack is the way to an old dream: to improve Russian.

Jack Fordon, participant of the Summer School of the Russian Language (USA):
We had a message at the university that there will be a summer school of Russian. I already knew that I will study at a university in St. Petersburg in the next semester. This is why I wanted to improve Russian a little.

Italian Gerardo Chennamo, as usual, was the first to come to the audience. He says he wants to learn the Russian language but admits it's not that easy. The guy is fond of sports and plans to become an interpreter in a football club. There, you need to know several languages.

Gerardo Chennamo, participant of the Summer School of the Russian Language (Italy):
My favorite Tolstoy book is Anna Karenina.

Galina Buro:
Have you read it in Russian?

Gerardo Chennamo:
No, in Italian. But I hope that I will read Anna Karenina in Russian too.

Among the students of the summer school are Poles, Japanese, French, and Pakistani. Most of them learned about the courses through the universities in their countries, with which the Grodno university cooperates. Why do they come to Belarus to study Russian? The project managers are sure that success is in a well-designed curriculum.

Irina Samoilova, Head of the Department of Language Training of Belarusian and Foreign Citizens of the Yanka Kupala Grodno State University
For a foreigner, Belarus is an unfamiliar country, at least not as familiar as Russia. Studying the language, they get acquainted with the culture, which is new for them.

The novelty of this year is the study of the Belarusian language as well. This was the wish of the participants of the previous summer schools. By the way, foreigners say they like the melodic sound of Belarusian.

Summer school student:
(in Belarusian) I am in love with Belarus.

At the same time, every day is packed with various events: tours to museums, study of national cuisine and old architecture. Meanwhile, Jack Fordon is preparing another video about Belarusian life. This time our TV crew took part in the video.