80 Syrian children staying in Belarus' summer camp

80 Syrian children staying in Belarus' summer camp

80 Syrian children are now visiting Belarus and discovering its secrets and sights. The children will stay for two more weeks.

Saba prepared for the trip well and studied basic facts about Belarus. But she gets new impressions every single day. She loves Belarusians for their open mind and food for its taste.

This is my first time in Belarus, but many of my friends and acquaintances study here. That's why I heard earlier about your country. I rarely leave Syria. Before I came to you, I read about your country on the Internet for a long time. I know you have very delicious chocolate. I wait for a trip to the factory very much.

14-year-old Ghadir came together with Saba. The boy's parents were killed in the war two years ago. Now he is studying in a special school in Damascus and he heard a lot about Belarus during lessons there.

I know that Belarus is one of the leaders in agriculture, I know the name of your President - Alexander Lukashenko. We were taught this during lessons. And you have a very beautiful nature. I like the clean air. I even made friends here with Sasha and Ilya.

80 Syrian children came to Belarus for vacation, without fear for life and shooting. Part of them are now in the Zubrenok camp and the other part in Rodnichok camp. They don't talk about war.

Tatyana Dashkevich, psychologist:
Children are surprisingly sociable, very pleasant, it's easy to work with them. They quickly learn games, they love the joint events with our Belarusian children.

In Belarus, these kids from war-torn Syria will find everything they lack: the sun, the peaceful sky and helpful people.