Stolichnoe Televidenie to become first HD broadcaster in Belarus

Stolichnoe Televidenie to become first HD broadcaster in Belarus

Brest these days is really experiencing a second birth. The city is preparing to celebrate its 1,000th birthday. Despite the fact that Brest will turn 1,000 only in two years, the regional center is already in the center of attention - of both Belarusians and foreign guests.

Our TV company has made a gift to Brest: 5 stories to the 1000th anniversary of Brest. 5 mini-movies for a respectable anniversary. On August 16, they were presented in one of the cinemas of Brest.

The plot of the anniversary video consists of five lively stories. Many of the main characters are not invented: the legendary lamplighter, singer, reenactor, simple fishermen and talented Daria Skomoroshchenko - they convey the color and mood of the city.

Dariya Skomoroshchenko, resident of Brest:
First they sent me the text, and I began to learn it. I was told how to learn it and with what intonations. I learned the text. Then they showed me how to do everything.

Shooting from a bird's eye view, Sovetskaya Street, on a train and on the pre-dawn water surface... In a word, the team of professionals looked at the city from various angles. The best equipment was used, which allows achieving extra-class images.

Кадры из ролика о Бресте

Кадры из ролика о Бресте

Кадры из ролика о Бресте

By the way, the CTV said that the TV channel will air these movies in the new season, by the way, in the HD format.

Yuri Koziyatko, Director General of the Stolichnoe Televidenie company:
We will begin the new television season with these movies. We agreed we would air these videos on September 1. In general, in the new TV season (I announce this for the first time, it has not been published anywhere yet), our TV channel will become the first national TV company to broadcast in HD, that is we will have high definition television.

All video stories about Brest hit the very heart of the viewer. Many shed tears when watching the movie about the defenders of the Brest Fortress, while other movies caused absolutely opposite emotions.

Lidia Babitskaya, a resident of Brest:
The movies made a very cheerful impression on me. They represent our city as a very hospitable and historically important one. They are made with elegant taste. That's why I'm very excited about what I saw.

Vasily Goiko, a resident of Brest:
You showed Brest so brilliantly, in such a beautiful and unusual way. You picked beautiful and unusual people. It is wonderful! I think that the closer we come to the 1,000th anniversary, the more enthusiastic and beautiful it will be.

On the stage were not only the creators of the mini-film about Brest, but also the laureates of the Living Classics recitations contest - another significant project of the TV channel, as well as

the performer of one of the roles Sasha Nemo. The movie about time travel through the city over Bug was a success. But this is only one of the steps to the landmark date. In the process are dozens of construction sites, a new neighborhood, a transport overpasses and hundreds of cultural events.

Alexander Rogachuk, Chairman of the Brest Executive Committee:
I have no doubt that all these objects will be built by 2019. But our task is to use preparations for the anniversary of the city to educate the youth, to form a respectful attitude to their city. So that they do desire to do something for their hometown, get education and come back.

Brest not only changes before our eyes, but now it glitters on the screen. It is already known that work on creating atmospheric videos about Brest will continue.