Minsk region approaches 1.5 million grain yield milestone

Minsk region approaches 1.5 million grain yield milestone

Belarusian agrarians have harvested 5700 thousand tons of grain by August 16, 2017. The Brest, Grodno and Minsk regions lent a weighty contribution into the harvesting campaign.

Each of the regions has harvested more than one million tons of grain. The central region is approaching the 1.5 million grain yield. The region has its finalists already. The agricultural farm Kukhchitsa, which is in Kletsk district, was the first one to finish the campaign.

The combiners there have harvested 12 thousand tons of grain.

Sergei Zdrok, director of agricultural production co-operative “Kukhchitsa”:
I am pleased with the result of our work this year. Of course, not everything was fulfilled; nevertheless, the gross collection is 12 thousand tons. May be a bit more. It is nearly 2000 tons plus to the current year, with an average crop yield of 58 hundred kilograms per hectare, therefore, the result is good. We practically have no stock on the platforms, it is about 500-700 tons is the most we have. We are managing, developing. Today we are offloading the state order of food wheat; we have already offloaded 30%.

Anatoly Isachenko, chairman of Minsk Regional Executive Committee:
It is necessary to follow the technologies, we need to fertilize the earth, a lot is necessary. What is more, it is quite a reachable aim if everything is fulfilled.

People are sincerely working and doing their best.

The Kletsk district is one of the leaders in the grain yield in the Minsk region. The agrarians have harvested more than 80 thousand tons of grain. All in all, more than 70% of the fields in the central region have been cleared.