Tennis coaches in Belarus now have decent salaries, Vladimir Voltchkov says


Tennis coaches in Belarus now have decent salaries, Vladimir Voltchkov says

Vladimir Voltchkov, head coach of the Belarusian national tennis team has given an interview to the TV program Simple Questions with Egor Khrustalev.

We are pouring more money into various fields like hockey, football, athletics but not all things are going well. Competition is increasing everywhere. Let's imagine a very simple situation: imagine a person who does not understand tennis. Try to explain to him exactly what was made specifically? Did we hire magicians or psychologists? Because tennis is very psychological game. Did we find doctors who brought some Chinese herbs? I'm exaggerating but still... What exactly changed?

Vladimir Voltchkov, chief coach of the national team of Belarus Tennis:
Most importantly, we brought together all the best juniors by ages, glued so-called national teams and provided constant, everyday competition with the best within the daily training of national teams. We now have the national team, the reserve team, and the teams of up to 18 and up to 16 years. And, of course, twice a year we have coaching councils and form teams.


Very hard sparring matches?

Vladimir Voltchkov:
Yes, they are hard. This is the first thing. Second, thanks to the resources, which Alexander Shakutin, the now does not have to think about money issues.

That is, there is definitely a system of rewards and scholarships for decent results.

But earlier coaches simply trained only rich clients.

Vladimir Voltchkov:
Unfortunately, that was the matter to a great degree. We now selected young, ambitious coaches who achieved results without worrying about how to earn their daily bread.

This is very important, because in order to grow a champion you do need creative approach.

Now a person, a coach works with the best juniors, spends energy on coming up with innovative new exercises, maintain a high level of competition, look for some new promising techniques... With time this wil gain momentum and produce results.