Belarus IT sector makes about $1 billion in 2017

Belarus IT sector makes about $1 billion in 2017

Nearly one billion dollars - is the export revenue of the Belarusian IT sector in the last six months. The British consulting company has published a report on the IT industry in Belarus.

The export of computer services of Belarus to the markets of Western Europe and North America sums up to more than 90%. The sales are increasing with every year. The High Tech Park is a locomotive in the IT sector. Today it is 181 resident companies and about 30 thousand specialists. 85% out of the total volume of the production goes to the external markets. Among them are new residents: Japan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. By the way, the figure increased by 25% if to compare with 2016.

Alexander Martinkevich, Deputy director of the High Tech Park administration:
We know that the Republic of Belarus is known all over the world, but from our point of view not enough is known. Therefore, one of the key tasks today is external positioning. We see a target to present the potential of Belarus and its companies to the foreign organizations.

When visiting the companies of the High Tech Park in 2017, President Lukashenko promised further support of the IT sector. The wish to make Belarus and IT country was mentioned then as well.

Alexander Lukashenko urged to move on and not stop in the development; he emphasized the important synergy effect, because the budget of the country will get a benefit in the end.

Pavel Lashchenko, managing partner of a consulting company:
There is a stable demand on these services. If there is demand, it means we can employ new people; we can sell services produced by these people. And this demand grows very quickly in the whole world. Therefore, there will always be a place for Belarus. Hat is important for the state? So that the young generation has work or a profession, and could do things which will be in demand in the future.

The High Tech Park is known in the world, more and more companies are opening the centers of developments in Belarus.