Alexander Lukashenko discusses preparation for 2017/18 academic year

Alexander Lukashenko discusses preparation for 2017/18 academic year

Development of education, improvement of the admission campaign and problems that need to be solved before the start of the new academic year. Two weeks before September 1, the Belarus President met with Deputy Prime Minister Vasily Zharko and Education Minister Igor Karpenko to dot the "i"s on a number of issues.

The head of state, first of all, asked how the admission campaign is going. Colleges and lyceums will continue to recruit students until September 20.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I would like to know how we will adjust the rules of admission. This was the task set for all who controlled the course of the admission campaign.  What approach will we choose after testing several of them?

The second issue, no less important, concerns the readiness for the school year of pre-school, school, secondary and higher educational institutions. And what problems do we have in this regard (if they exist)? In this regard, the issue of primary importance is the updating of curricula and textbooks. I do not see any problems, because regarding each textbook it is possible to create a working group and they will successfully adjust these textbooks from the 5th grade to the 11th, and will do it with great pleasure. We need to attract more practice-oriented people rather than academicians. But we cannot refuse from the services of academics because they are people who are at the top of knowledge.

The Belarus President drew attention to the need to hold school bazaars in preparation for the new school year. A special emphasis has to be made on poor families and orphans. They are traditionally assisted by the state.