Komarovka market Instagram account hacked

Komarovka market Instagram account hacked

Instagram subscribers have lost the possibility to follow the news of Minsk Komorovka market. Unknown have hacked into the account o Komorovka and are seeking for a monetary ransom.

The account with photos, comments opinions of sellers and buyers was supposedly hacked into by a Russian hacker. The representatives of the market contacted him and even offered to “lay the table” for him, so that in return he gives the account back. However, the hacker demanded to give him15 thousand rubles.

Ivan Tkachuk, head of the social development department of “Minsk Komorovka market”:
We will not pay, it is our position of principle, it is a product of our intellectual activity, and therefore it is illogical for us to pay money or it. We reported to the police about the issue straight away. IT specialists are sending everything to Instagram support service.

The account needs to be restored.

Olga Petrashevskaya, CTV:
Will you put a like for blackcurrant, for instance?

Yes, I will!

Of course, it is bad! A person works hard and then something like this happens. It is very offensive.

Internet users are feeling worried about the situation and even suggested to give one ruble each to give the ransom to the hacker. So that people can once again enjoy the photos of marrows and tomatoes.

By the way, the last photo published by the Komarovka account in Instagram was a photo of flower rows. Sellers of flowers have already made up a bouquet for the hacker, so that he returns the account back.