Motalskija Prysmaki: delicious report from the most famous gastronomic festival of Polesie


Motalskija Prysmaki: delicious report from the most famous gastronomic festival of Polesie

This week, passers-by were treated to potato pancakes near Minsk's Sports Palace. Meanwhile, in the agro-town of Motol, the scent of fresh dishes invited tourists to the 8th International Festival Motalskija prysmaki. The festival involved cooks from Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Poland and China.

During the festival Motalskija Prysmaki, the population of a small agro-town grows twice or even triples. And all is because here you can not only walk and have fun, but also taste delicious stuff. Unusual tastes created according to ancient recipes are literally at every step.

Bread, honey, pies, fish, sausages are really for every taste. And each of them has its own flavor.

Local mead is in abundance nearby. Such drink was popular in the XIX century. Beekeeper in the fourth generation, Alexander Minyuk, treats it with special trepidation. Therefore, he is sure that he will sell everything by dinner.

By the way, the ritual of preparing the Motol loaf has long been on UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage.

Another pride is local sausage. Every mistresses know about all the nuances of its magical taste.

Anna Romanovich, seller:
We rinse, clean and season with spices and garlic. And then we bake it in a stove or oven.

In fact, it is thanks to the delicacies of regional cuisine that this tiny settlement appeared on all routes of tourist maps of Belarus. People come here not only from different parts of the country: regular guests are among Ukrainians, Poles and Lithuanians, and each with their songs and treats.

Anna Shmarlovskaya, participant of the festival (Lithuania):
I love the local popular dish - potato pancakes. We in Lithuania cook them in our own way - with cracklings and sour cream. And, of course, we always like meat dishes - kebab and our Lithuanian sausages with side dish.

Helena Bondaruk, festival participant (Poland):
We came to the festival for the first time. Now we are impressed - it's nice to see how whole families celebrate. Long road and heat is not a hindrance, when a lot of music and delicious dishes surround you. But many cuisines are familiar: the Polish and Belarusian cuisines are very similar, by the way.

The master class involves national cuisine of five countries, including China. The cook Liu Sin Ping has been cooking for Belarusians for more than a year. He knows local cuisine no worse than Chinese.

Liu Xing Ping, festival participant (China):
In general, I like Belarusian draniki (potato pancakes) and sweets. And here I really loved syrniki.