How much potato do Belarusians eat?

How much potato do Belarusians eat?

It so happened that the potato with which Belarus is associated is also the first vegetable grown in weightlessness. Each year, Belarusian scientists come up with new varieties of potatoes: for every taste, size and even color.

There are several museums of potatoes. In France, there is a variety one kilo of which costs about 500 euros. There were also times when root crops served as the equivalent of money on some tropical islands.

No matter how people joke about the love of Belarusians for potatoes, this "starchy vegetable" is called "second bread" for good reason.

On average, one Belarusian eats more than 170 kilograms of potatoes per year. Such statistics make Belarus first in the world.

One kilogram of potatoes in Belarus capital Minsk costs about $0.2 to $0.5.

According to Andrei Zanevsky, the head of the main plant management department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, it is expected to receive a gross potato harvest of more than 1 million tons.

Potato storage facilities of Belarus are designed for more than 800,000 tons. In less than a month farmers will start filling them.

Belarus is going to export 300,000 tons of potatoes in 2017.