Ashmyany customs will cease to exist after bribe row

Ashmyany customs will cease to exist after bribe row

Optimization of the Ashmyany customs will not affect the quality of service, said the Belarusian State Customs Committee (SCC) on August 11. As early as October 1, the Ashmyany customs office ceases to exist, the zone of its responsibility will be under the jurisdiction of the Grodno regional customs.

Yuri Senko, Chairman of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
The Ashmyany customs will cease to exist, and the administrative personnel will be transferred to customs border checkpoints and other departments. Thanks to this optimization, some staff reduction will occur. Of course, this will affect only the part of the personnel who worked in the Ashmyany area.

As a result of optimization, the Customs Committee will be reduced by 20 units, the customs service as a whole by 100 units. As many as 407 employees, who before wore shoulder straps and were civil servants, will become technical personnel.

The SCC also noted that the Committee will draw serious conclusions from the resonant case of Ashmyany customs officers.

The participants of the criminal group were sentenced to years in prison for bribes.

Commenting on the problem of queues of heavy trucks leaving Belarus, the Committee noted that there were no complaints about customs and border services. The freight traffic though Belarus in the first half of 2017 increased by 21% compared to 2016. However, the modern equipment and optimization of certain procedures allow the customs authorities to cope with this increase.