30 young people to represent Belarus at Worldskills

30 young people to represent Belarus at Worldskills

Almost 30 young representatives of very different professions - from the hairdresser to the welder - are preparing to present Belarus at the Worldskills World Championships, which will be held in Abu Dhabi in 2017.

Dmitry Zubkov, participant of the 44th international championship Worldskills International:
One of the tasks will be the replacement of the rear wing.We drill and cut, then take the second wing and place it in place of the previous one.

It would seem there is nothing complicated. But there is one aspect: time. For each task only three hours will be given. For comparison: almost three times more was given at similar competitions in Russia for a similar task and not everyone coped.

Viktor Isakov, deputy director of the Minsk State Automotive College named after academician M. M. Vysotsky:
Competitions are made in such a way that no one can completely fulfill the task, so that it becomes possible to determine the winner by points.

Two other participants of Worldskills 2017 train in this workshop. Artem will take part in the nomination "carpentry" and Ivan in "furniture making." Training sessions before Worldskills take 11 hours and during breaks the guys run and do push-ups.

A table is assessed according to hundreds of criteria at the competition. So one also needs to prepare for Worldskills psychologically.

Dmitry Rastyushevsky, master, Minsk State Professional Lyceum No. 5 of Transport Construction:
One part of your workplace is open for public. And every person can come and watch you working. You cannot photograph with a flash, and some do not turn off the flash. And this is distracting.

Belarus first partook in WorldSkills in 2015. Back then the President of Worldskills called the Belarusian debut one of the best in the history of the contest.