National Park Narochansky develops virtual maps for tourists


National Park Narochansky develops virtual maps for tourists

National Park Narochansky made it easier for tourists to get acquainted with the main Belarusian resort. Special virtual maps have been developed that will help the guests of the region not to get lost.

The maximum of information is the motto of the project. The implementation of the idea began two years ago. There was a single map for all tourists, which contained a full list of useful and interesting objects. In 2017, the resort presented thematic maps - for fishermen, motorists, and cyclists.

Access roads, bypass roads, parking, convenient routes, even observation platforms, from which the most picturesque panoramas open. You can find it all on the site of the national park. It is also easy to track the occupancy of parking lots online.

Lyudmila Kravchonok, head of tourism department of the National Park Narochansky:
Earlier before there were a lot of calls and we had to answer, explain, literally on your fingers, where and how to drive, and now there's much less work of this kind.

The park promises new thematic maps in the near future.