Thousands of canteens on wheels work for combiners

Thousands of canteens on wheels work for combiners

To feed every combiner - this task was set by the President for the Federation of Trade Unions during a conference on the harvesting campaign.

From the very beginning of the harvesting campaign in Belarus, thousands of cars have been going out into the fields with hot food.

As many as 10 cnteens on wheels work in Shumilin district alone. A full complex of lunch and dinner is brought to the agrarians straight in to the fields. Meat, mineral and spring water are a must in their diet.

Nikolai Karnilov, mechanization specialist at OJSC “Priozerny mir”:
You see it for yourself, every day we are fed well. Dinner and everything is brought to us. Each time food at lunch is changed- cereals, porridges, different soups.

Every day it is something different.

Viktor Gurov, chairman of the agribusiness Vitebsk Region Trade Unions Committee:
The conference on the harvesting campaign was a moment when all the structures paid attention to the organization of the harvesting process. A concrete task had been set for the trade unions: organization and control of food supply for mechanization specialists during the campaign. Certainly, we are paying attention to the issues of the food quality, the timeliness of food delivery to the fields and the organization of hot food twice a day.

As many as 20% of grain fields in the Shumilin district have been harvested.

Just in one week agrarians here managed to harvest about 3000 tons of grain. All in all, 11 thousand of hectares need to be harvested.