Day of Azerbaijan culture held in Minsk

Day of Azerbaijan culture held in Minsk

Day of Azerbaijan culture held in Minsk On August 12 Minsk greeted those, who wanted to try Eastern dishes and learn how to dance lezginka as a real professional.

The day of Azerbaijani culture was held near the Minsk Town Ratusha. Despite the nearly Azerbaijani heat, the guests tried kebabs and filling pillow rice and the most persistent sang together with the artists and even played backgammon under the breaking heat.

Olga Petrashevskaya, CTV:
Taking into consideration the heat outside, it is great that the day of Azerbaijani culture is being held in Minsk, rather than the day of Northern cultures, for instance.

Meanwhile, a serious solicitor Yulia decided to transform in all mans. Looking at this lady one can hardly guess whether the East is in her eyes or genes.

Yulia Demidovich:
I am a native Belarusian. I came to see beautiful culture. It is very beautiful and interesting; What is more, the weather is sunny, sunny Azerbaijan!

Olga Petrashevskaya:
Where is it hotter today: in Minsk or Baku?

Latif Gandilov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Republic of Belarus:
I suppose that it is the same here and there today. It is real Baku weather here today. Such an event gives a possibility for cultural and spiritual commitment. It enrichens our peoples.

People danced, tried food and evaluated carpets in the Azerbaijani rhythm near the Ratusha. Emil was not let or the big trades, however, he proved to everyone: for such dancing he deserves toe praised.

Soltan Gadzhiev:
He tries to repeat some moves. This is one of the best ideas of the unification of peoples. Today we live in such a global world, when everyone must be friends, live in peace and harmony.

It is my first time playing backgammon, I am learning how to. Well done to him, he is a good teacher.

Pillow rice, nuts, dried fruit and honey pastry, of course, were offered to the guests of the celebration.

The filling here is out of walnuts, of peanuts and boiled in a syrup.

With such a diverse filing- cultural, musical and spiritual- Minsk felt the Eastern color on August 12. By the way, Minsk turned into a truly international platform. Where else will you see Chinese at the celebration of Azerbaijan except in Belarus?