Results of President Lukashenko’s working visit to Brest region

Results of President Lukashenko’s working visit to Brest region

The Brest region. Its problems and prospects, salaries, building and work of processing industry. Alexander Lukashenko went on a working visit to the Brest region.

On August 11, 2017 the President got acquainted with the situation in the regional center.

Alexander Lukashenko began discussing the issues of the region hardly stepping on the Brest land. Brest airport is not as busy as it could be – only two flights a week. President gives indications to bring things to order. If the airport is not busy today, it does not mean it will be like that in the future.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Think how much it is necessary for the airport and leave it. The rest give to people. Someone will want to build a plant, grow at least grasses before the runway. Therefore, bring everything to order.

The history of Brest is an excuse for scientific researches. Hundreds of monographies and thousands of articles have been written. In the one thousand years of its existence, Brest changed its name four times and twice the city changed its location. It was burnt down to ashes and rebuilt again.

Modern Brest doesn’t look anything like the Brest in the Middle Ages.

In the 1990’s the majority of Brest residents lived in the cntral part of the city. Some 40 thousand people lived on the outskirts. Today “Zarechie” is a fast growing territory This house is for 90 thousand people. As many as 20 thousand children are among them.

Alexander Rogachuk, chairman of Brest City Executive Committee:
This is the “Yugo-Zapad-4” district. It is typical for the city building; it was built on a swamp. We are trying to make the structure of the district convenient for living, so that people don’t have to go there, to this part of the city. All the districts can be looked into on the example of this district.

The population of the regional center is growing. Nearly 350 thousand people call themselves residents of Brest today. Free economic zone, good investment climate and beneficial position permit to create new working places and solve the problem with employment. The number of vacancies doubled in the city I 2017. However, the number of employed in the economy is still going down.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We must everyone work. Of course, there will be a small percentage of people what are not capable of doing anything. There are enough of alcoholics and lazy people, unfortunately. How to make them work? We will make them work using specific methods. There are people who can work, but are not doing so, especially on the western borders, we will think how to change the situation. Conditions to make people work should be posed, as sewing specialists, concrete layers and so on. Do you understand what I mean? There should be an approaching process. Somewhere we will have to make them work, but people must learn how to work. There shouldn’t be a class of unemployed. If we are not going to involve them in labor, then we will be creating this class. And it will be increasing. We cannot allow for it to happen. Therefore, we need to think how we are goind to act. Soon Decree No. 3 will come into force; you will be given authority in this situation. We will determine the people who can work but are not working, and who want to work but can’t. And those who must be give an shuffle and sent to work. I don’t want them to get angry with me. I thought there were 300 thousand of unemployed. There are 540 thousand of them, half a million. People who are getting into the list of unemployed according to the decree. I thought there were 300 thousand of them, but there are half a million of them.

The Brest region occupies the second place if considering the pace of economy development. The Minsk region is on the first position. The mayor of the city said that the average salary has been increased up to 820 rubles.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We will have a thousand rubles, but this will be the average. There are enterprises that raise this average salary - that's good. But there is maybe a half (somewhere and a little fewer) of enterprises, where we do not reach this level and generally the salary is small. Therefore, in 2018-2019, we will deal with companies from that bottom half so that by 2018 they already have up to $500 dollars, BYN 1,000. At least close to those figures. At the expense of those who have already reached this mark we may have BYN 1,500 in the future. We need to have this level, workers of culture and other were usually upset. Therefore, their salaries in 2018 need increasing to the average salaries. So that it doesn’t turn out with having bonuses in December and then going down to the previous salaries in January. It cannot be allowed to happen under no circumstances. Therefore, we need to increase the lowest salaries up to the level o average salaries in 2018.

Brest is only two steps away from its 1000th anniversary. The year of 2019 will be a celebratory year. A full range of preparations for the big event has been developed. More than 30 new and modernized buildings are in the list. From schools to global projects. This is taking into consideration the fact that some 8-10 years ago Brest was behind other regional centers.

Brest residents:
The city is decorated with flowers, the roads are being built, new districts, and houses are being built. I like it very much.

The roads are constantly being renewed; the facades of houses are as well.

Kobrin overpass. A narrow road, where two trolleybuses can hardly pass. It was built at the beginning of the previous century, when the traffic was nothing like as it is today. A modern transport junction will be built here in the nearest time.

Alexander Rogachuk:
The entrance to the historic part of the city ended at this railway before. This was according to your indications we do not see any problems here. We have got down to the preparation step, we are implementing communications. We are ahead of your indications.

Today Brest reminds a big building site. Road works are being carried out in several streets. Big changes can be seen.

Brest residents:
The quality of roads has improved. The work is still in process. Every time it is better and better. The further the better.

I work outside Brest and I have to drive through the repaired roads. Of course, there are improvements.

By the anniversary day of Brest it is planned to build the best roundabout in the country. This will help to solve a few problems in one go. The idea is ambitious: to join two border crossings with far residential areas of the city. It will also free Brest from the so-called transport stain. The petroleum installations have been moved to the outside of the city. Alexander Lukashenko emphasizes that such projects need to be realized by ourselves.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Construction trusts must be building it. No mediators as sellers or businessmen are necessary here. It is a particular case for which you must have responsibility. We need to build it ourselves and get money for it. Who is a businessman builder today, who has no base, no money? He has one office room. He goes to the bank, takes money, a loan. Yes? He has no money, he takes a loan. He goes to a construction trust, employs workers. Why are you giving the money if the trusts can do it themselves? And take the profits.

During his visit of the Brest region Alexander Lukashenko emphasized that people cannot be let down, housing issues must be solved in all fairness.

Alexander Rogachuk:
We offered people compact housing conditions not far away from their current home in rather convenient houses.

Alexander Lukashenko:
People shouldn’t be let down. Further or closer. Houses must be built in the best of conditions. However, you should control the situation, so that it doesn’t happen so that seven people will register in one flat and then you will be building flats for each of them. We will give back the amount we have taken.

Alexander Rogachuk:
It is done within the interests of people, but it is fair.

Brest will celebrate its anniversary in two years’ time. It seems a long way away, however, taking into consideration the projects being carried out in the city it is only months left. If everything will be realized as it should be, Brest will celebrate its anniversary at its best.