What will change in Brest airport after reconstruction?

What will change in Brest airport after reconstruction?

On August 11, 2017 Alexander Lukashenko gave indications to reconstruct Brest airport. The President is sure that the space is not used for what it should be.

What is more, the reconstruction of the runway has already begun.

The builders have already ripped off 180 meters of the old layer, which I about 30 years old. All in all, more hat 2.5 kilometers of the runway must be renewed. It is impossible to cancel the lights in the middle of the season. Therefore, road workers have the so-called “windows” at their disposal. The process of laying the runway has some peculiarities.

Andrei Kosyak, head engineer of the road-building department No. 15:
After taking the old layer of the surface off, two layers of 10 centimeters, the lower layers. After that there is a layer of 6 centimeters of ballast-meglip concrete asphalt, which is used or the top layer of motorways. The technology of laying the surface is based on us paying more attention to the timetable of flights.

The schedule of flights in August is rather busy – Bulgaria, Montenegro, Turkey, Kaliningrad- these are only some of the directions. The shape and the size of the airport will remain the same; however, the turning space will increased. It is the necessity of the present time.

Alexander Zavertailo, head of ground repairs exploitation precinct:
There are turning places on the runway, here the planes land and turn to the platform. After the reconstruction these platforms will be expanded, which will let larger planes land and turn around safely.

Despite the seven thousand passenger traffic at Brest airport, there are no more than 200 flights out of the airport. However, it is not to do with the number of flights. The functionality of Belarusian airports must grow together with the diversity of international planes. New infrastructure will permit to receive different kinds of planes, and it means entering a new international level of airports.

Mikhail Skrobko, head of Brest Belaeronavigatsiya branch:
Today we accept Boeing-737 o all types, despite Boeing-767, we will be able to receive it if we do the reconstruction. We will be accepting A-330 as well. Of course, it is a certain prospect. The more types of planes we accept, the more light we will be able to perform.

In the nearest days pavers will go to the runway. They are to lay 110 thousand tons of concrete asphalt by October. It will provide comfortable take-offs and safe landings.