Belarus comes 4th in Tank Biathlon

Belarus comes 4th in Tank Biathlon

The International Army Games finished on August 12.

The Tank Biathlon was held on the last day at the range Alabino,

which is near Moscow. Teams from Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and China competed for the right to be called the best. As a result of the biathlon, Belarusians took the 4th position. Gold went to Russia, silver to Kazakhstan and bronze went to China.

The silver medalists of the competition “Loyal friend” have already returned to Belarus. It was held within the “Army-2017” in Dmitrov, which is near Moscow.

Belarusian dog handlers competed with five teams. At one of the most difficult stages as “Dog biathlon” Belarusian specialist were the winners. Following the results of all the competitions, team Belarus finished second, letting Russia go ahead.

Andrei Bordukov, head of the cynological center of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
If to compare it with the last year, Belarus has improved its results in shooting, physical training and special disciplines with service dogs. Finishing the relay race, Belarus went head of Russia by 2.5 minutes,

and the team of Kazakhstan by 4 minutes.

As many as 28 countries took part in the Army Games 2017. These teams are the best out of the best, which are by right called the elite of the armed forces. The games were held on the territory of five countries, including the territory of Belarus.