Grain yield exceeds 4 million tons in Belarus

Grain yield exceeds 4 million tons in Belarus

 The harvesting campaign has passed another grain yield milestone. The total amount of grain harvested has exceeded 4 million tons.

Combiners are working in the fields during the entire daylight; machinery is involved o the maximum.

Despite the heat, the harvesting campaign is adding up with every day. On August 12, the red level of danger has been announced in the Brest region. Nevertheless, more than half of the fields have been harvested.

The Brest and the Minsk regions are in the lead, they have harvested about one million tons each.

The Grodno and the Gomel regions are getting near the leaders. Then go the Vitebsk and the Mogilev regions, which started the harvesting campaign later than the other regions. By the way, agrarians have more than one week to harvest bread. The President gave indications to finish the campaign by August 20.