Azarenka to miss tournament in Cincinnati


Azarenka to miss tournament in Cincinnati

Victoria Azerenka has refused to partake in the tournament, which is to be held in Cincinnati on August 14, 2017. The reason for the refusal is the court case against her child's father in attempt to get the right for child custody.

Billy McKeague, the child’s father, with whom Azarenka broke up last month, made a claim to the court of Los - Angeles. During the court process, the child cannot leave the city. What is more, the judge refused to refer the case to the Belarusian court for unknown reasons.

The process will last for no less than two months, and Victoria made a choice in favor of communicating with her son Leo. Laura Wasser, the famous America solicitor and also known as the “Queen of divorces”, will be defending the rights of Azarenka in court. Before she defended the rights of Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie and other celebrities.

Meanwhile, fans of Azarenka launched a special campaign in social networks to support the tennis player.