President Lukashenko visits Savushkin Product dairy plant

President Lukashenko visits Savushkin Product dairy plant

On August 11, 2017 the President visited one of the largest dairy plants in Belarus.

Savushkin Product occupies leading positions both on the Belarusian and the world markets. The products of the company are known to every family in Belarus; it is a known brand abroad as well. Yogurts, cheeses and cottage cheeses represent the quality of Belarusian dairy products abroad. About 60% of the dairy products are exported.

President Lukashenko by right calls the company a flagman. By the way, Alexander Lukashenko mentioned competition within the internal market on August 11.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
There are many companies in Belarus. We are ending the process now. We had 158. And what? They compete with one another. They decided to gather up. There are 3-4 in every region, and there will be one. Do you understand? They will strangle your with your 4-5 companies. You will have to establish a strong company there, to compete within the country. This is what we are aiming at. Sit down and see whether the workers need material or something else. Here are your networks. You are efficient as managers and so on. They already have a certain priority. Your priorities. He is a state person, because he lives in Belarus, you are a state person. Let’s make it profitable for the state. And profitable for them as well. Then we will see. If someone will be able to work effectively there, we mustn’t press them down. It means corruption; we will put you into prison for that. You must interfere in any processes, as long as it is all fair. So that no one says that he works within the interest of somebody else.

For the modernization of Savushkin Product plant about 300 million dollars have been spent in the last 10 years. A logistics center has been built not so long ago.

Alexander Lukashenko was shown the department of the plant and degustation, of course.

Products based on whey are the latest trend of the company. These products sell well to China and are quite popular in Belarus.

The success of such business is that the type of ownership is not important. First of all, many of the dairy plants are in the business. Secondly, taxes mean money to the budget. Thirdly, stable currency revenue. Last but not least, good working places mean good salaries.

Alexander Lukashenko:
A shift from the concept of agriculture development to the concept of agricultural area has taken place in Belarus. It helped to bring the Belarusian village back to life with its economic potential. You know it and feel it perfectly well yourselves, because you work in this potential and create it. Today, Belarus significantly exceeds other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in terms of production of the absolute majority of agricultural products per capita. In the production of milk we are ahead of such developed countries as the Netherlands, Germany, and France. In terms of food, Belarus has become not only self-sufficient, but also export-oriented. Not everyone might remember,, because the people working here are very young, I told you directors before, there were times when Belarus couldn’t allow itself to produce such a number of products. Do you remember the famous talons, thank God we have forgotten about them now. The cost of the exported goods in 2016 exceeded 4 billion dollars. This is in the situation of price drop. Today Belarus is among the world leaders in exporting butter, cottage cheese, and low-fat milk. As for the internal market, it full of Belarusian food products, thanks to the high quality and availability of which, they successfully compete with imported products.

On August 11, Alexander Lukashenko presented the team with the Honorary State Flag.

A basket with the products produced at the plant was presented to the President.

The issue of exporting dairy products to China was touched upon. At the moment it is not profitable to export dairy products to China by railway, it is all to do with the tariffs. However, Savushkin Product is eager to develop foreign export and compete with world companies.

Alexander Savchits, general director of OJSC “Savushkin Product”:
We are ready to compete. Today we stand strong. 50 % of desserts are produced at our plant and we are proud of it. It took a lot of effort. In the end we took the place which we must have today as the flagman of dairy product plant.

More than 3,000 people work at Savushkin Product today.

Olga Kovalchuk, solicitor at OJSC “Savushkin Product”:
The employees of our company are mostly young people. These people are striving for development. All the necessary conditions have been created for it. Besides working, our employees have a possibility to go on holidays and have rest.

Sergei Kostuychik, software engineer at OJSC “Savushkin Product”:
It is a true proof of the company’s economic development and the development of Belarus’ economy as a whole.

In order develop material is necessary. It is a stimulus for the farmers. If there is material, there will be new production lines. It is profit both for the plant and the country, and, of course, working places with good salaries.