Belarus President about 2017-2018 average salary goals

Belarus President about 2017-2018 average salary goals

The Brest region, its problems and prospects, as well as salaries, construction and operation of the processing industry were discussed during the working trip of the Belarus President on August 10-11.

Meeting on August 11 with the staff of the Savushkin Product company, the head of state noted its worthy work, calling the production a locomotive that attracts a number of industries. According to the President, Belarus receives a solid return from the funds invested in the modernization of the processing industry.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The company's products are now on the table in almost every family. Thanks to a wide assortment, excellent quality, the goods under this brand have gained popularity not only at home, but also far beyond Belarus' borders. Your products are willingly bought in Russia, Ukraine, EU countries, China, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Israel and many other countries. Last year alone, exports amounted to more than $210 million.

The successes of the enterprise are absolutely not accidental. It is a clear reflection of the purposeful policy pursued by Belarus in the agro-industrial sector.

The country has moved from the concept of development of agricultural production to the concept of rural development in general. This allowed the revival of the Belarusian village with its economic potential. Yes, you feel it perfectly and know it yourself, because you directly work in this area and create its potential.

Today, Belarus significantly exceeds other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in terms of production of the absolute majority of agricultural products per capita. In the production of milk we are ahead of such developed countries as the Netherlands, Germany, and France. In terms of food, Belarus has become not only self-sufficient, but also export-oriented.

On August 11, Alexander Lukashenko presented the team with the Honorary State Flag, calling this event one more bright page in the history of the enterprise.

Also today, August 11, the President was told about the socio-economic development of the region as a whole. The officials touched on a young neighborhood of Brest, where 37 apartment buildings should be built in the near future.

Employment issues was also discussed. The President is sure that people need to be taught to work, even if special measures are needed for this.

The theme of the average salary was raised: it must be fixed at a level of 1,000 Belarusian rubles (about $500). This should be achieved by 2018 already.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We will have a thousand rubles, but this will be the average. There are enterprises that raise this average salary - that's good. But there is maybe a half (somewhere and a little fewer) of enterprises, where we do not reach this level and generally the salary is small. Therefore, in 2018-2019, we will deal with companies from that bottom half so that by 2018 they already have up to $500 dollars, BYN 1,000. At least close to those figures. At the expense of those who have already reached this mark we may have BYN 1,500 in the future.

The President also visited the construction site of the second stage of the Western overpass. The construction of the largest overpass in Belarus began in 2012 and resumed in December 2016. The new overpass will solve several transport problems in Brest, connect two border crossings and completely free the center from freight transport. The President drew attention to the fact that the city must cope even with the building of such complex facilities using only own resources. The construction is expected to finish in 2 years, by the 1,000th anniversary of Brest.