Azarenka breaks up with her son's father


Azarenka breaks up with her son's father

The Belarusian tennis player Victoria Azarenka has filed a lawsuit against her child's father in attempt to get the right for child custody.

According to social networks with reference to Israeli media, the world-famous tennis player hired a huge specialist in family affairs - Israeli lawyer Zeev Valner.

Victoria wants to retain right for custody over the seven-month-old son Leo Alexander.

Victoria became a mother on December 20, 2016.

On June 20, 2017, she played her first match after childbirth.

Azarenka and Billy McKeague broke up in July 2017. After that the ex-boyfriend began a lawsuit in the United States because of concerns about the kidnapping of his child by his mother. For now the court has forbidden to take the child outside of Los Angeles. Father temporarily took the baby to his house.

The kid accompanied his mother in tournaments. Because of this incident, the athlete decided to turn to the Israeli specialist. Preparation for the case was conducted in the course of two weeks and was kept secret.

According to Israeli sources, the tennis player raises the question about custody of her son.

It may be decided by the Belarusian court, because Azarenka is a citizen of Belarus.

According to, the former couple has now come to an agreement to spend equal amount of time with the child.

Also, assumes that information about the hearing in Belarus may be inaccurate.

According to the Israeli lawyer, a lawsuit for damages will be prepared. The tennis tournament in Cincinnati will take place next week, but the Belarusian athlete is forced to miss it.

If Azarenka does not perform at the US Open, the amount of money at stake could be $10 million.

The next hearing will take place in September. Victoria's lawyer believes that they have a high chance of winning the case.

Azarenka always separated sport from her personal life. In this situation, there have been no official statements and comments from the tennis player.

Azarenka’s fans are alarmed.

"I'm worried about Vika. I cannot look at this photo with a lawyer without pain - she is exhausted. I wish it ended asap and ended well."

"The news was like a shock. A thousand questions but most importantly - what for? Vika, all I want to wish you is to remain strong and not to make anyone doubt your inner strength. Hold on to the end."

"It's painful and insulting that such a talented sportswoman, a wonderful mother now has to deal with litigation instead of combining the game and caring for her son. This is a waste of time, given that she is fighting for what belongs to her."