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Mobile bands entertain mechanics during harvesting in Belarus

Harvesting campaign in Belarus is at its height and mechanics are glad to relax in every free minute. What can be better than a soulful song from local cultural workers? Music helps keep good mood on the fields and grain warehouses. 

Artists of the local Autoclub in Berezino District make a many stops during the day.

Lyubov Pinchuk, head of the mobile cultural institution Autoclub, Berezino District:
This is a hot time for the whole country, and we cannot stay away. So we jump in and help as we can. We support combine operators so that they understand that they are not alone. We are with them during this difficult time.

In addition to cereals, winter rape is also harvested in the fields of Belarus. More than 600,000 tons of rape has been collected.

Mobile bands entertain mechanics during harvesting campaign