Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus expects to crop about 10m tons of grain

Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus expects to crop about 10m tons of grain

Belarus expects to collect about 10 million tons of grain, said the country's President, Alexander Lukashenko, during his working trip to the Brest region on August 10.

Mr Lukashenko is getting acquainted with the harvesting campaign on the example of the Kvasevichy enterprise in Ivatsevichi district. He focuses on the socio-economic development of the region, as well as measures taken to reduce crop losses under current weather conditions. The President was informed that the state order for grain would be fully fulfilled. Alexander Lukashenko demanded that everyone be involved in this work.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Let's agree on the Vitebsk region this way. I have already told Mikhail Ivanovich. We need to stop listening to the "lullabies" of leaders, of the governor of Vitebsk region. If we see that there is good bread, it must be cropped, we need to move our machinery there. There will be a problem with dryers. So I already said that we take grain directly from the field, take it to the elevator, process it. Not offending peasants, from whom we take grain, but we need to crop grain from the fields.   Crop it, go to the elevator and put it in the barn. We'll figure it out later. Do we have an alternative? What is it? Either it will rot in the field or you will take it to your complexes and then pay more. Of course, not at a frantic price, but... The price is known, minus costs.

During the working trip the head of state also focused on providing farms with fuel. Alexander Lukashenko instructed to monitor its effective use. The President got acquainted with the technological processes of harvesting grain and straw.

Also, the head of state visited the dairy farm Kvasevichi. The complex, designed for 600 cows, was opened five years ago after the reconstruction. The President gave an order to complete the reconstruction of dairy and commodity complexes throughout Belarus until the end of 2018.

A large-scale renovation of farms across Belarus began in 2010. During this time, more than 300 new farms were built and about 1,200 repaired. The work carried out significantly increased the quality of milk.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I told Mikhail Rusyi and Leonid Zayats to deal with the construction of the haylage trenches, taking into account the fact that we will wrap up haylage in polyethylene film, taking into account the future construction and modernization of farms. That is, a sowing trench should be built where farms will be located permanently.

Haylage trenches must be built next year. This is a small amount of money, count how much it will cost, as we did when building farms.

There will be no easy money. We will give credit resources and build these farms at their expense, because no matter how good we are trying to seem, if the quality of feed is poor, there will be no milk.

Second. We need to build these 1,200 farms. No matter what. We have a few left. We need about $80 million, but these are estimations. When we start building them, maybe we will need only $50 million. I'll tell you now what to do. We must build these farms, like these trenches, especially to these farms, this and next year. You have a year and a half to solve these issues. How to build? It is necessary to allow building by any methods. If someone wants to use their own money, if it's significantly cheaper, then we need to allow this way. If not this way, then there are others (we discussed it yesterday). Different ways, but with minimum money. The main thing is quality.

Alexander Lukashenko also visited the agricultural enterprise "Kossovo", although it was not planned. It is considered problematic.  Apparently, the head of state decided to come and familiarize himself with problems.