Cybersport may become part of 2024 Olympic Games


Cybersport may become part of 2024 Olympic Games

Co-president of the French Olympic Committee Tony Estanguet did not rule out the possibility that e-sports becoming part of the Summer Olympic Games in 2024, news agencies report.

In the near future, it is planned to organize a meeting with representatives of the gaming community. It is not clear with which exactly, because the concept of e-sports includes too many games, which often do not have delegates for all sorts of meetings.

Estanguet said young people show a clear interest in this direction, so it is important to hold meetings, talk and look for common ground.

His statements contradict the fresh statements of the head of the IOC, Thomas Bach, who did not express expectations about the speedy inclusion of e-sports in the program of the Olympic Games. The main obstacle to this, according to Bach, is the lack of a single center, coordination, organization and structure in this "sport". It is also possible that cyber sportsmen will not be adherents of the Olympic spirit and rules.

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