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Zvyazda newspaper celebrates 100th anniversary

Zvyazda newspaper celebrates 100th anniversary A 100 year-old dialogue with readers. Newspaper “Zvyazda” marks its century anniversary. Alexander Lukashenko congratulated the personnel of the newspaper on the event.

The edition became a true epoch. As many as five times a week, on 16 lines - today newspaper “Zvyazda” is a worthy competitor on the market of paper editions.

Pavel Sukhorukov, director – chief editor of publishing house “Zvyazda”:
”Zvyazda” is a serious and respectable edition. This newspaper is made by not only journalists, but throughout the century it is made together with our readers.

Olga Legchilova, former employee of newspaper “Zvyazda”:
My eyesight has dropped, I am 96, but I read, I love this newspaper. During the time I have been subscribing to the newspaper, I even involved into it several people. As soon as I finish reading the newspaper, I give it to the neighbors to read.

“Zvyazda” has been a brand of Belarusian press for a long time. Today there is an electronic variant of the paper. However, the principles have not changed – it is still “Native newspaper in the native language”.

Zvyazda newspaper celebrates 100th anniversary