Divin outpost at Belarusian-Ukrainian border receives new equipment, ATVs

Divin outpost at Belarusian-Ukrainian border receives new equipment, ATVs

Another outpost on the Belarusian border with Ukraine has become ultra-modern.

Reliability of the 23km section is confirmed by the latest violations statistics. The Divin outpost now uses cutting-edge equipment and has a unique fleet of vehicles.

There are several villages inside this border zone. Over time, it has declined but the compulsory passport control for all passing people has remained, which is quite a normal practice for the buffer territory.

Piotr Prokopyuk, driver:
Maybe it is necessary that everyone's documents be checked. After all, this is a border zone.

This room has restricted access. On the screens you can see in detail each of the 23 kilometers of the border section. In case of its violation, reaction is instantaneous.

The transport fleet of the renovated outpost boasts special equipment. For modern frontier guards the swampy terrain of the Belarusian Polesie ceased to be an obstacle long time ago.

Alexei Davydyuk, senior technician of the border outpost Divin:
For a person it takes four hours but riding on the ATV takes about half an hour.

Along the entire perimeter you can see fiber optic signaling complex, perhaps the most reliable and trouble-free level of protection. Although its principle is very simple - one touch lets the whole outpost know about it.

Maxim Butranets, head of the Pinsk border detachment:
It is also equipped with high-resolution cameras, which makes it possible for the attendant to identify the target and determine the cause of the alarm in the first seconds when a signal is received.

Artyom Kazakevich, head of the border outpost Divin:
Local authorities and local population are of great help. In 2016 46 violators of the border regime were detained with the help of the locals.

Local residents also helped guards detain a large batch of amber - worth 200,000 rubles.

This section of the border was once considered a real paradise for smugglers. Today you cannot name it such. Yet attempts to illegally penetrate through the border do exist. 7 illegal immigrants were detained here literally in July 2017.

Judging by the number of violators, illegals and smugglers include this segment of the border in their route less often. This is the best proof of its reliability.