Team Belarus prepares for Modern Pentathlon World Championship in Cairo


Team Belarus prepares for Modern Pentathlon World Championship in Cairo

Not so long ago – in the second half of July- Belarus hosted the Modern Pentathlon European Championship.

Team Belarus won three medals, including the gold of Anastasia Prokopenko. However, there is a new start ahead. On August 22, 2017 the World Championship will begin in Cairo, and Belarusian athletes are preparing for it now. Being impressed by the by the conditions at Ratomka in Minsk, participants of the European Championship from Germany and Lithuania came to train in Belarus.

Valdemar Darius de Makai, head coach of Belarus’ Modern Pentathlon national team:
I was at training camps in Germany, worked with other teams; we will learn how to do it. When somebody thinks about training camps, this person wants to train with the best. Belarus has someone to take example of. The people are the same as we are two legs, two arms. Each of them can be a champion.

Practically all the strongest Belarusian athletes are in the ranks. Only Yekaterina Orel, who got injuries at the European Championship, will not attend the World Championships. Irina Prosentsova is in question. However, the head coach is convinced that she will have time to recover.

Valdemar Darius de Makai:
It will be difficult for us, because being the hosts of the European Championship, we were preparing for the European tournament more. We needed to show what we are worth. I think that they are not losing much. To win twice in one year is quite difficult.