Fines for traffic on public transport lane in Minsk

Fines for traffic on public transport lane in Minsk

Drivers risk being fined for attempting to drive on the public transport lane on Independence Avenue.

For the experiment, a site was chosen from Engels Street to Yanka Kupala Street.

Violations are automatically fixed. Those who violated driving rules this way will receive a mail message with the amount of a fine of BYN 115 (about $60). If the driver is caught again, the fine is more than BYN 400. The system in the rest of the city will start working later, after the test.

Alexander Pylaev, Head of the Dispatch Department, State Institution "City Transport and Communications":
The bus route No. 100 transports about 150 passengers in rush hour. This roughly corresponds to 100 cars that pass. The bus needs priority, so that it has as little interference as possible.

The speed significantly increases.

Sergei Zaranik, head of propaganda department of Minsk police:
The mobile system will be in force, just as mobile sensors which record offenses. Then the official will filter out these materials in accordance with the law analyzing and studying all these video files.