New resident appears at military unit 3214

New resident appears at military unit 3214

 lynx called Phoenix appeared at the police special forces department. The cub was brought from Russia.

The playful cub was awaited for in unit 3214. A wide cage, new house was made for him. Soon there will be a concrete floor there.

Phoenix is 3 months old now. He does not only feel well, but he has already become a favorite of all. In the nearest time Phoenix will receive a passport and will be an official resident of the unit.

Alexander Brazhitsky, head of ideological work department of unit 3214:
Phoenix is very friendly he likes children very much. Like other cats, his character is very specific, he is very stubborn. He is very kind to people.

Aleksei Liplyanin, serviceman of special forces military unit 3214:
He is becoming cleverer. He wants to develop and play. Just like other cats, he likes different balls, everything that moves.

The servicemen of the internal forces of the Ministry of Interior consider a lynx to be their symbol.

Before Phoenix, a pair of predators used to live at unit 3214, However, at the beginning of 2016 the male died. In a few months’ time his female friend died.