Alexander Lukashenko: I am for free, responsible and more effective business

Alexander Lukashenko: I am for free, responsible and more effective business

New approaches toward conducting business. On August 8, 2017 a package of documents on unleashing business initiative in Belarus was discussed at the meeting of the President.

All in all, Alexander Lukashenko approved of the projects presented, but some technical aspects need amending though.

All the wide possibilities to set up a business for a person who might not have starter capital. All of this in the package of documents, which was discussed in the Independence Palace on August 8.

The final business suggestions (both big and small) hardly found place on 400 A4 papers. The package of documents consists of 8 decrees and one law. However, the most important thing is the new level of cooperation of business and controlling structures. To cut the long story short: the interference of inspecting agencies is minimized.

Vladimir Zinovsky, Economy Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
It takes some time to set up a business in some economic sectors. For instance, to set up a service business in restaurants, it takes eight days, than it takes half a year to get other permissions. In the draft document it is said about doing it all through the internet and open a business on the next day.

Getting a license will be necessary only when there is close connection with security. In order to set up a household or a tourist business, it is enough to inform through the “One window” service in the executive committee.

After signing the package of documents it is planned to impose a moratorium on inspections. The inspectors will be punished for serious violations.

Vladimir Koltovich, Minister of antimonopoly regulation and trade of the Republic of Belarus:
We come to an organization and we do not fine, we haven’t such an aim. We give recommendations on eliminating the problems and come again in some time and inspect once again. I can say that in 99.9% of cases it works better than fining. Therefore, I am sure that the adopted documents will preserve control on the one hand, and on the other the social responsibility of business will increase.

However, the new subject to business is taking responsibility over the correspondence of its work to the law. Belarus needs a civilized socially responsible business.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Everything that can be unleashed will be unleashed. Everything unnecessary, as some think here, will be removed, I guarantee you. We will take greater responsibility from you. It is not about how many base figures you are offering here. It is not the point. Heaven forbid seeing the wrong behavior after the documents come into force after October 1, watch out. I guarantee you. We are agreeing with you: here is a notifying principle for you, here is all you want. I urge you to honesty and sincerity in work.

One of the main tasks of the discussed documents is to minimize the interference of state agencies into business.

Vladislav Shchepov, deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly:
The task has been set to inspect entrepreneurs no more than once every five years. What is more, if you get into the “white” list, act according to the law; no one should come to you at all.

A fine for one stale bun can destroy the entire business. It is important for the punishment to correspond to the violation, and not to be too strict.

Viktor Margelov, Chairman of the Union of Legal Entities "National Confederation of Entrepreneurship":
The decree of the President decreases the lower threshold of fines for finding products with xpired dates. The minimal fines for unimportant violations used to be huge. Today this issue is of the table.

Andrei consults businessmen who want to enter European markets. The wide possibilities for ambiguous interpretation of Belarusian norms quite often scares Western partners off.

Andrei Tsygan, director of a certifying company:
The text of law or technical act may be too difficult to perceive. It would be good to give the methods of practice to those, who make the laws. They would. They would go through it themselves for the first time and then say that it completely corresponds to the act.

The stylistics of the documents has been worked through once again. The statements are more precise, complete and simple. What is more, the introduction of an electronic seal will approach Belarus to international standards of business.

Sergei Nalivaiko, Minister for Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus:
A moratorium of three years is being introduced on not increasing taxes and tax percentage rate. What will it give business? First of all it will give predictability and stability. This is within the concept, which was promoted by the Taxes and Duties Ministry for a long time. Therefore, it is being realized now. It is very important or business entities. The can plan and forecast their activity. It will be predictable, clear and calculated for them.

The law drafts will be improved by October 1.

The package of documents touches upon the most important directions of businessmen’s and inspecting agencies’ work, it can unleash the business initiative on the places.

First of all in small settlements, where there is never enough of working places, but there are many possibilities.

Larisa Bogush lives in a settlement near Vitebsk. She moved from a big city and set up a business. A village kiosk gradually turned into two shops. There are more possibilities to develop here rather than in towns.

Larisa Bogush, shop owner in a village:
There was huge competition in the city. There are many kiosks there. We set up our business a bit later. Therefore, we opened a kiosk in a village; we started off with a small kiosk, sold products through a window.

Production projects, which created products with added value, are under special attention.

Alexander Lukashenko:
If we unleash business today, and the state, I mean people, who will be working for you, let’s be honest, they won’t get anything out of it, you must understand that it is your state and your wellbeing depends on the strength and power of the state. And especially on those people who work for you. Therefore, it is my only philosophic demand to you, if you want. We cannot allow a huge gap between poor and rich people, as it happened in a number of countries. A saw it 25-30 times. This is unacceptable. Therefore, I want our business to be free, responsible, more effective. However, after making such decisions, the state must become more powerful.