Belarus President holding meeting on entrepreneurship

Belarus President holding meeting on entrepreneurship

Conditions should be created in Belarus to allow anyone to start their own business and work. The task was set by the head of state at the meeting that discussed the situation in the business environment.

Now the Belarusian government is working to create a set of documents, where the new approach to businesses will be set forth. For example, it provides for the reduction of inspections and the notifying principle of registration of your business. But the President has demanded that all decisions and wording be as clear and accurate as possible. This largely determines the welfare of Belarusians, and in general, the economic security of the country.

As an example, the President cited the construction industry. When licensing was canceled new bureaucratic hurdles were introduced. This situation cannot happen again. At the same time, employers' responsibility should significantly increase.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Any of our joint actions (mine as a representative of the authorities and yours as business representatives) must have some effect - for the state and for the business. One-way street is unacceptable. You as businessmen know it better than me.

Let's agree: if it turns out that after the signing of these documents people who will work for you will not receive any benefits, if the security and defense of the state are not enhanced, let alone authorities (although few people were left after the optimization and they cannot eke out a miserable existence) no one will need this simplification and removal of excessive demands.

This is my approach, I think it's fair. You must understand that this is your country, and the strength of the state determines your well-being. It especially goes for those people who work for you. Let's be honest - they work for your benefit. So this is my only "philosophic" requirement, if you will.

We cannot allow a huge gap between poor and rich people, as it happened in a number of countries. This is unacceptable.

Therefore, I want our business to be free, responsible, more effective, and in this regard we must adopt all the planned decisions, but the state should become stronger after such decisions.

If you understand this problem differently, well, we would not agree with you, I am telling you straight.

The Head of State noted that running a private business is not an easy task and its success depends not only on conditions created by the state, but to a greater extent on the owner. It is planned that the new document package will include about a dozen legal acts. The President appointed a separate speaker on each and every of them. Work in this direction should be completed by 1 October 2017.