How will Minsk anniversary cake look like?

How will Minsk anniversary cake look like?

Minsk is celebrating its 950th anniversary. There is less than one month left till the main events begin, however, the big city is excited about the celebration. Confectioners are preparing a sweet present for Minsk residents.

A giant 200 kilogram cake which is 3 meters wide will be baked for Minsk’s anniversary.

The sweet construction will be 1.5 meters tall. The cake will be decorated with eatable sights of Minsk. What is more, celebratory cakes with a logo in honor of Minsk’s anniversary are already on the shelves of the city.

Yekaterina Savosh, marketing specialist of Minskkhlebprom:
The cake will be placed onto a special construction, made in the shape of a flower with nine petals, where the elements of the cake with the images of Minsk’s sights will be. On the day of Minsk’s anniversary the cake will be demonstrated to the public,

and then everyone who wishes to can try it.

The big celebration cake can be tasted at the Bread Festival, which will be held near the Sports Palace on September 9, 2017. Minsk confectioners will make souvenir breads with the images of Minsk for the big day.