Waste incineration plant to be built in Minsk

Waste incineration plant to be built in Minsk

The first waste incineration plant may appear in the Belarus capital in three years.

Its construction will be financed by investors. The approximate cost of the project is about BYN 400 million.

Every year it will handle up to 0.5 million tonnes of rubbish - about as much waste collected by public utilities in Minsk and Minsk region (one-third of the total volume in the country). There are no vacant land for landfill sites, while the existing landfills will exhaust their capacity in the next 10 years.

Anatoly Shagun, head of the state institution "Operator of secondary material resources:
Advantages of waste incineration, in addition a significant reduction in the area under landfills, is the fact that we can receive heat and electrical energy from, say, renewable energy sources. Waste pursues man at all times and we cannot ignore it, on the one hand.

On the other hand, today the modern social incineration allow minimizing damage to the environment.

Two possible sites for the construction have been named. They are located in the industrial zones to the west and the south-east of Minsk.