Belarusian researcher Adam Maldzis turned 85

Belarusian researcher Adam Maldzis turned 85

Tireless researcher Adam Maldzis turned 85 on August 7.

Outstanding Belarusian scientist, literary critic and culture expert is known worldwide. The scientist is most proud of his dictionary "Belarusian Writers" on which he worked for about 20 years. Now the professor is creating a database of information about the entire history of Belarus.

Professor Maldzis is called man-encyclopedia and even literary school. He knows all about Belarus. Moving from century to century, he tells facts that almost nobody knows. At the same time, he is not the man of the past. Through the Internet, he easily finds Belarusian values ​​abroad. However, it's not possible to return most of them.

Adam Maldzis, literary critic:
A lot of things. A lot of books. Great rare and miraculous icons. Very rare paintings were taken from the Nemtsevich estate. There are things that have lost meaning in their return. For example, the library of Jauchim Khriptovich.

Many studies professors are dedicated to first Belarusian book printer. It is him who was one of the authors of the book "Francysk Skaryna from the glorious city of Polotsk". This is a unique edition. It hsa the first publication by Skaryna, written in Belarusian. Maldzis also searched for Slutsk belts. By the way, one of such belts was returned to Belarus with his help.

Adam Maldzis:
I brought from London one Slutsk Belt.

Now the tireless researcher has turned 85. His phone rings every five minutes. However, he postpones all congrats to have time to tell the CTV Channel about one thing - his dream to create a large database of the entire history of Belarus.

Adam Maldzis:
In Russia, such a service has been working for ten years. We are wanted to enter into legal agreements on the exchange of information, but what will we give in return if it is only me who is working on it now?

Even despite health issues and that he has to fight for Belarusian values on his own Adam does not give up the work of his life. Ahead are a lot of things. For example, he plans to visit Vilnius to learn new facts about Skaryna, which would become a real revolution.